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The genuine recipe of our jams

In a magical copper cauldron, mix 60% whole fruit (without adding any juice, no cheating!) and some brown cane sugar… Bring to the boil over a high heat. At the end of cooking add a few grams of fruit pectin.

Fill each jar by hand without getting burned…. Let it cool…. Enjoy!

Always looking for the best we are extremely demanding regarding the quality of our fruit. Our jam and jellies are free from artificial colouring, additives and preservatives. The sugar we use is sugar cane from Réunion Island, appreciated for its nutritional richness and slight caramelised taste.

Jellies :

The juice usually used in jelly recipes is replaced by fruit pulp. We then obtain a "jam without fruit pieces" which is smooth and not gelatinous.

Why fill the jars by hand ?

Simply because nothing is better than big fruit pieces!
This neglected manual know how is nevertheless the only way to guarantee such a richness in fruit.

The pink label

Original, soft and with an authentic touch, this "candy pink" reminds us of the "sweet tooth" we had as children, our little weakness…

Directions for use

On lightly buttered toast (Breton butter is delicious) ; on a pancake or warm waffle ; add flavour to dairy products (it's more natural) ; as an ice cream "coating": Nougat and Muroise, Vanilla and Clisson blackcurrant…

As an accompaniment to cheese, like a professional chef : Morello Cherry with Ewe's cheese; Fig with Goat's cheese.
Not to forget the famous Foie Gras with Onion Chutney cooked in Muscadet !

A trick for busy people or the cookaphobic : a sponge cake sliced in two and coated with jam or caramel (don't ask, don't tell, a guaranteed delight!).

The range

Organic Apricot - 350 gr
Red Apricot from Roussillon - 350 gr
Caramelised Pineapple - 220 gr
Organic Blackcurrant - 350 gr
Blackcurrant from Clisson - 350 gr
Organic Corsican Clementine - 350 gr
Mediterranean Fig - 350 gr
Organic Strawberry - 350 gr
Strawberry from Plougastel - 350 gr
Organic Strawberry and Rhubarb - 350 gr
Organic Raspberry - 350 gr
Organic Morello Cherry - 350 gr
Mirabelle Plum from Lorraine - 350 gr
MA DIVINE, Organic Chocolate and Raspberry - 220 gr
Organic MUROISE ® (exclusive recipe) - 220 gr
Blueberry - 350 gr
Organic Orange and zest - 350 gr
Organic Wild Peach - 350 gr
Apple and caramel - 350 gr
Organic Damson Plum - 350 gr
Organic Red Rhubarb - 350 gr

CHUTNEY Onion Chutney - 220 gr

Organic Raspberry - 350 gr
Blackcurrant from Clisson - 350 gr

CARAMEL - 220 g pot
Breton Caramel with Guérande salt - 220 gr

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