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Muroise and Compagnie's recipe

Take two very active young women, one in France and one in Jersey.

Sprinkle a few childhood memories: the vineyards of Nantes, the good old college years, family and friends.

Add the "revelation" of a fortuitous meeting.

Mix these two personalities, their complementary characters, their lust for independence, their desire to create a project.

Thicken the lot with an obvious complicity.

Incorporate a large dose of humor.

Coat with an element of madness: an indispensable ingredient to set up a new company.

Simmer for a few months, taking the time to think about it.

The outcome : "Muroise et compagnie": the start of a promising adventure.

Finish it all with an effervescent energy.

Enjoy this wonderful story which begins with you.

Estelle Sauvion-Durand

Managing Director
« The Boss »

Magali Beck

Managing Director
Jam Ambassador Abroad

Brigitte Ploteau

Doctor of Jam

Graziella Lechat

Jam Specialist

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