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Once upon a time there was Muroise®...

In the 1950's a doctor from the local village, who was a keen botanist in his spare time, discovered an unknown bramble in his garden. Towards the end of his life, he still hadn't solved the mystery of the intriguing berry, so he decided to disclose the secret to his neighbour Michel Sauvion. Fascinated and fuelled by curiosity, Michel was determined to unravel the berry's secret… After a great deal of research he discovered that the small fruit originated from California and that it was the result of a cross between two varieties of wild blackberry and a red raspberry.

From this fruit which he called his "red fruit truffle" and thanks to his legendary gift for jam making, Michel created a unique flavour which he baptised Muroise®. The aromas of this flavour were so special that Michel decided to propagate the so called "red fruit truffle" and to cultivate it without delay as it was the heart of his recipe…

Michel was right to pursue his infatuation with Muroise®. The recipe, first of all, was used in jam and then in sorbet, coulis and fruit paste… but it holds many others surprises….

Muroise® has made new fans; Estelle Sauvion-Durand, Michel's daughter, has taken up the challenge and entered into partnership with Magali Beck, the grandaughter of a local red fruit producer. The two young women, both mothers and friends, have decided to carry on the tradition, to tickle your taste buds and let you discover the Muroise® and its various forms… Welcome to the sweet, refined and "home made" world of Muroise et Compagnie..

Muroise is a registered trademark, protected in France and abroad.


Professionals, are you intrigued by Muroise® ?

Muroise® let yourself be charmed

With an exceptional, unique and exclusive richness in aroma, Muroise® seduces, charms and surprises gastronomic professionals: Pâtisserie (macaroons, mousses etc..), ice cream makers, confectionery, liqueurs, etc…

Muroise® has sealed numerous gourmet partnerships but also captivates the refined world of cosmetics, perfumes and other luxury universes...

Muroise has sealed numerous gourmet partnerships but also captivates the refined world of cosmetics, perfumes and other luxury universes….

We can offer you different bases for your culinary trials and original recipes:

• Frozen fruit pulp (sweetened or unsweetened)
• Natural aromas

The use of our brand involves committing to the graphic charter (provided).

Muroise® is a registered trademark subject to filing at the National Institute of Industrial Property.


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